Monday, November 23, 2009

SDS day trade [Updated]

Anatomy of a day trade. Big gap up today so looking for a short entry. Eric's pointer (from T.Lo) is to look for an inside bar on the 5-minute. Entered buy on SDS at 10:10 bar price 35.60.

Sell-stop is the previous bar low which is also low of day. Target is just below the biggest gap down bar or the 2-bar EMA, whichever comes first.

Sold half at 35.76 (below the 9:55am bar high) at 10:36am
Sold 1/4 at 35.85 (20-bar EMA) at 11:30am
Holding 1/4 for now.

Update 1700hrs 11/23

Sold remaining 1/4 near the close for $35.97

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