Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "Other 1-2-3"

...also called the "exhaustion pattern", is differentiated from the classic trader Vic 2B pattern, but is an attempt at calling a top nonetheless.

Looks upward, but a bearish case could be made with some type of 1-2-3 "exhaustion" pattern, or what T.Lo calls the "other 1-2-3" since this does not follow the classic Trader Vic 2B pattern.

If this were the case, the short-sale would be entered here or at the LOD from yesterday (= 110.60) with yesterday's high (= 111.784) as the buy-stop. Of course, the risk is that we keep trying to call a top and keep getting stopped out and die the death of a thousand cuts.

It seems the "other 1-2-3" is really as much a sentiment call as a technical set-up.