Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My 2 Cents on Sentiment

My summary on sentiment:

Upsidetrader says "Breakout!"

Ritholtz' FusionIQ is bullish, too.

Bearish Dow Theorist Richard Russell says the market has "turned bullish." (I ask : But has the transportation index confirmed?)

My sister is trading all her US dollars for Costa Rican Colons, says the US embassies are "dumping dollars".

Prechter says Elliot Waves indicate gold is going down. (Are EW's "sentiment" or "technical analysis"?)

My Mamis graph is trashed; I printed it out and used it to clean up my dog's business. He ironically pee-ed right on Point E: labeled "Aversion."

All that, along with the solar eclipse... I may go long Dress Barn tomorrow, WTF.

Oh yeah, and get more UUP at the open.


  1. Get your sister a Tinfoil hat for xmas

    Global research institute.... JEBUS

  2. Tin foil hat? Wouldn't that disrupt my sentiment indicator?