Wednesday, August 12, 2009

XLF downward motive on Elliot wave

On my Elliot Wave Theory analysis I see wave 3 from the downward motive ending at 14.15 (Push #2 of the 3-push down), which should be the maximum height of Wave C assuming we are completing an ABC "correction"... I said 14.21 for wiggle room and that's a recent day high. If this goes above 14.30, the thesis is off. IMO.


  1. so that first wave is wave 1(from friday till Tuseday) of a larger wave?

    Thank god 15 min until the fed

  2. On the cycle portrayed, I have Wave 1 starting at Friday's high and ending at the close. The whole 1-5 complex is Wave I of a larger down motive... presumably. Beyond that, you'll just have to exhume Ralph Elliot yourself and ask him. Sign me,

    Why are you waiting for the fed? You did the analysis already, just set your stops and go biking.