Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Semiconductor ETF (SMH)

No chart, just an opinion. With Semi's up strong today, CNBC had a guy touting the sector and how to get in.

Tomasulo talking up SMH. He likes SMH but not INTC?!! WTF? SMH is 24% INTC, 14% AMAT and 19% TXN. Of all the ETF's this one is not worth buying, IMO. Tomasulo's reasoning is flawed. 60% of this ETF is three companies.

I like the smaller players in this sector, FWIW: CY and MRVL. Maybe a little speculative for some traders, but if INTC is going to go up, these should fly.

Tech names in other sectors outside of Semi's that are reasonable Lotto tickets: PEGA, FIRE.

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