Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Short Opportunities: 2 good, one speculative

ALKS Short.  This has broken below major support and has violated two upward trend lines on high volume.

Since this is in the biotech sector, buy stops are essential since news can move these stocks dramatically.  Barring a merger or acquisition, the tharget is $6.

HURN short.  This medical consulting firm is in the death spiral despite the market showing strength.

Descending traingle with a break below support and the target is the 2006 price of $29.  Earnings are due April 30.

Buy stop is 38.92, but others have been more generous and set the buy stop at 41.

SBAC short.  OK, this is not a classic short, but since it is right at support, a fall in the market could bring this down significantly.

Buy stop is 27.  

The problem with this one is the risk-reward does not necessarily merit a short since this show more support at 23 and the 50d of 22.50.

CCI in the same sector is more overbought and could be a better bet on the short side.

SBAC short on the hourly chart shows the bouncing on support.  Any failure below this level is significant.  Is high volume yesterday a sign of capitulation or distribution?  Be careful.

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