Monday, February 23, 2009

Update: CY, FCX and new pick: DELL

Long CY is not working as expected.  We were looking for the big break-out and it seems to be breaking down.  It's within earshot of the sell stop, so we'll stick to our discipline.  Same with MRVL, which hit the sell-stop and I got out with a 4% loss.

Long FCX still bouncing around below resistance and I'm still expecting an upside breakout, but my sell stop is currently at $26.

Long Dell is the new kid.  I know this chart looks ugly with a sell off last week on HPQ's lousy number.  I got some dirt cheap at $8.10 pre-market on Friday.  It had an "almost outside reversal day" on Friday and I may be able to pull 10% off on a swing trade.  Earnings come out Thursday after close and I'm very hesitant to hold it that long.  Low risk only here.


  1. Much of what is in that screen are Swings and scalps... they are rarely good for longer than a few days.

  2. You are correct, sir. Last week was a tough one, no question. Which sectors/ stocks have been good for more than a few days? other than shorts, gold and silver? I do day-trade some stocks, indices and ultra-indices, and I don't always put those up. The exercises in technical analysis is helpful, but I'm still a work in progress.