Friday, May 1, 2009

SPY gets whipsawed...

SPY played out a sloppy head and shoulders of sorts, but not sure what happened after hours.

The magic 87.50 was violated on the downside and then re-gained with the "smart" money at the close.

I think we go lower on Monday, but I have little conviction.  

Terranova is taking out his checkbook and buying tech stocks for their dividends.  Okay.


  1. Yep.. Trish called it and Tearanova....

    how do you get that Greasy?

  2. Greasy? I used to think he was using hair product, but now I'm convinced it's genetic. I had an Uncle Louie growing up who wore a lot of Botany 500 shirts in tropical colors and always looked like he could lube a universal ball joint with his forehead. Joe reminds me of him. Louie got caught schtuppin' his secretary at the company picnic and I never saw him again.

    Trish. If those things were brains, she'd be a quantum physicist.

  3. Isn't schtuppin... Yiddish?

    When in doubt bet with Guy Adami.... and look to that Doug Kass...

    they are with me/us....