Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bearish picture still intact, but conflicting

SPY.  I hate to appear so negative about everything... really I'm not that pessimistic about the planet and I'm net long at the moment.  But here is the pattern, call it whatever you want: descending triangle, not really a pennant, forming a lower high, whatever.

MACD is bullish, volume has been decreasing on the upswings.  Some conflicting messages being thrown out which is typical when the market is choppy.

How do we play it?  Mixture of longs and shorts and alternate as the market swings.  On days like this, go short and take profits on longs.  When the market is down 2-3%, then do the opposite.  I have a list of stocks that are short bias and another list long bias which I'm trading around.  

Shorts: M, JCP, STI, MA, EMR  among a few others
Longs: PEGA, JNJ, FCX, SLV, GLD among others as well as stock and bond mutual funds

Considerations: short MA, and some real estate names be rolling over.

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