Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of Day 1-20-09

Covered BAC at $5.53 for an 8.85% gain
Covered FSYS at $28.08 for a 4.7% gain
Covered V at $42.14 for a 5.1% gain
Sold QID at $62.04 for a break even  (stopped out)

Bought back STEM Long position at $1.7o
Bought RIMM at $49.60
Bought QLD at $24.18

Appraisal:  Good trading day.  I really should have held QID and with those thinly traded issues the stops should be more liberal.  I have some reservation about going long RIMM, but I fell that I should have a long position going into the open tomorrow after today's blood-letting.  I regret keeping QLD before close... I may try to unload it after hours if there is a market.

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